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Philosophy drives attitude. Attitude drives actions, actions drive results and results drive lifestyles! I read that in some business book or ezine somewhere! I think it is actually a Jim Rohn Maxim I cited in a Jeffrey Gitomer ezine. I LOVE IT! I love it because I am a philosophical kind of guy and it links your philosophy to who are, what you’re thinking, saying and doing and where you are right now! It makes you accountable for your own lifestyle, results, actions, attitude and philosophy!!! So let’s use this wisdom to reflect on our health and fitness and our life.LIFESTYLESIt would be somewhat obvious to say that our health and fitness has a big impact on our lifestyle! Anyone who ignores that fact is most likely encumbered by too much weight, lack of energy or esteem, low motivation, poor and/or failing health or even disability. The sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is restrained and limited – compared to the health and fitness lifestyle – which not only prevents illness and disease but empowers you with more capability and freedom in all areas of your life! Not happy with your lifestyle? Look at your results!RESULTSThe state of your health and fitness really is the state of you as a person! Barring injury, illness or impairment (over which you have no control) – any other lack of health and fitness comes down to YOU! You might say you’re too busy, too tired, too poor or too whatever but the fact is they are all EXCUSES! If you make your health and fitness a priority – you will make time to do the right things and you will get the results you desire. The results you get are the results you deserve based on your actions!ACTIONSWant to get fitter? Watch more TV! Want to get leaner? Eat another cake! Doesn’t make sense does it?! It is almost despicable to say you truly want something and then do nothing to attain it! Or worse do something to push yourself further away! You actions are the cross roads where you can turn thoughts, dreams and desires into realities – results and lifestyles! Your actions are also the cross roads where thoughts, dreams and desires remain just that. Thoughts ARE nothing without action and it is our actions that are the only real expression of our attitude.ATTITUDEWe are delving into the depths of the psyche now so let’s simply say attitude is what we think (our beliefs, feelings and values)! What we believe, feel and value affects what we do and have? YES!!!! So it is possible that what we think can help us or hinder us? Yes!!!! So it is possible that my excellent results or lack of results can be largely attributed to what I think, believe, feel and value? YES!!! And Guess what!!! You can change your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and values any moment you desire!! You control these things – you control your thoughts and your body and it is not the other way around!PHILOSOPHYSpeaking of depths it doesn’t get much deeper than principles and truths of being, knowledge and conduct. Our philosophy (what we accept to be guiding truths and principles) definitely affect what we think, what we do, what we have and how we live. If you doubt this try comparing two different religions and you will see examples of different philosophy yielding different attitudes, actions, results and lifestyles. Some of your guiding principles and truths may need confirmation (if they are leading you towards what you want in life) or reflection and re-setting (if they are leading you away from what you want in your life). You have the power to choose your philosophy – your purpose and your inspiration. Here’s a little philosophy that helps me:”Health is a necessity for the duties and the pleasures”. You only get one life – I will ensure my health and fitness helps me to perform my duties to the best of my ability and helps me to enjoy the pleasures in all of their richness. Ryan

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Health and Fitness For Sale But Nobody is Buying

Out of the two words, health seems to suffer the most dissent, followed closely by fitness. There is something innate in most people that makes them chafe at the very thought of improving their health, as if improved heart and lung function, ease of movement, and feeling energized were negative things and any suggestion of maybe striving to reach a level beyond average general fitness is met with open hostility.I told myself I wouldn’t write any more articles of this nature, but I can’t help myself, because even though for the most part they fall on blind eyes, I feel compelled to reach at least one person who needs this and save them from a later life of needless sickness and infirmity, a victim of their neglect and abuse, trapped in a body that no longer functions, only existing instead of actively living in the rest of their lives.Pick anything else in your life that if you could afford it you would decide against having the best. We want the nicest car we can get, the biggest, most beautiful house, the most powerful home entertainment system, the highest level of social status, the largest salary, the highest degree of financial security, the lists can go on forever.There is no one that wouldn’t freak out if they came out to get in their lamborghini and found a dent or neglected its upkeep so that it ran poorly, lacking power and was pitted with rust holes. Neither would we ignore the bottom of our luxury yacht and just keep cruising as the hull slowly rotted away, unconcerned that one day we would sink in deep water from neglect and lose everything, even our lives.You might say “I would never neglect or abuse something so valuable, that would be foolish.” Well guess what, you do neglect and abuse something so valuable, more valuable than the biggest mansion, the most expensive car, or any other material possession you place on a pedestal. Possessions, wealth, and social status are worthless compared to your health because without good health you cannot enjoy anything, all your attention is turned to how crummy you feel and how limited you are by your own body in its ability to accomplish even the most basic function without pain, fatigue, and infirmity.If you were to pull away at a traffic light in a highly populated area of town and your high dollar sports car lurched, sputtered, and stalled you would be embarrassed and seek out a mechanic promptly, yet as your level of fitness becomes detuned you ignore it, readily letting it slide not realizing that even though you are only a little more tired or a little less able to move easily that with time all those little losses will add up to one big loss.Just as letting the maintenance lapse on a car capable of near two hundred miles per hour will eventually reduce it to a belching, coughing, under powered jalopy performing well under its designed capabilities that will some day fail to start and be unreasonably expensive to repair, so to your body.As most people cruise over deep water, even though for the time being everything seems to be functioning adequately, their hull is rotting. The hull is your health, the motor, rudder, and other functions that empower the crafts mobility, maneuverability, and speed are your fitness, and the water is the corrosive toxins of bad diet and wear and tear of abuse and neglect.So as your hull rots, water enters inside, lowering your level above the waterline, causing more drag, slowing you down while destroying everything it touches until it finally enters the inboard motor, flooding it with water that corrodes the internal moving parts causing friction and engine failure and there you sit miles from shore as you quickly fill with water and are pulled to the bottom.It seems people are programed for self destruction, they will willingly hand over fists full of money to swallow death dealing amounts of fast food, to ingest or inject dangerous illegal hard drugs, to drink high levels of alcohol but balk over spending even the most meager amount on improving their health and fitness, putting absolutely no value in the investment of bettering their quality of life.Probably no one will read this article, most of all those who need it the most and even those interested in bodybuilding, skipping over it for tips on bigger arms or more muscle size, thinking only in the shallow surface realm of appearance, not realizing you need good health to have a high level of fitness to attain and keep bigger arms and more muscle size.Try to think in the future tense of the big picture, you start out building a high level of health and fitness along with size and strength, because as the years go by your size and strength will diminish, but your health and fitness level will remain.Don’t get me wrong, strive for the highest level of size, strength, and complete physique development you can attain and hold it for as long as you can, but when it starts to slide a little in old age you will still be active, agile, mobile, flexible, alert, vigorous, fit, and healthy. Buy into health and fitness, you won’t regret it.

Health And Fitness Bootcamps

Most everyone has a health or fitness related goal that they make every New Year. The downside to most of these types of goals is that they are not realized because after the first month of the year, there is nobody encouraging them to continue or they have slipped too many times and they should start over. That is why a health and fitness boot camp can really be beneficial to those that may not have the willpower to do it on their own, or even for those that want the extra help and support of doing things the correct way, not just how they want to. Many fitness routines can become mundane and too simple overtime. A health and fitness boot camp becomes more difficult as you progress so that you can maximize your time and get the best workout that you can. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can gain from doing a boot camp instead of a regular gym workout.Although it is called a boot camp, there really isn’t any shouting. It’s a healthy, encouraging environment that helps you work on toning your body and losing the excess body weight. There is always someone to support you even when you slip up and have a cheat day. Because the class sizes are small, this means that there will always be someone to give you one on one support to help you in the areas that you are having trouble, no matter what your trouble area is.It’s understandable that you have a busy life. That’s why flexibility in attendance and rescheduling is always available. If you can’t find someone to watch your dog, bring him with you! Pets are welcome to participate in the exercise as they need exercise too. These health and fitness boot camps are twelve weeks long, however there is no start or stop dates. This means that you can start whenever you want and you can participate for as long as you like.Every day is something different so there is no bad place to start. This really helps with keeping you interested and your body working to the max because you will never know what to expect. Each week, at the end of the week, free fitness tests are available as well so you can track your progress to see how you have been doing and where you could improve.With all the weekly health and nutritional tips that you are given, there is no way that you won’t be able to make positive changes to help you eat better, feel better and look better. Not only will these tips help you lose weight but body fat as well so that you can see a significant difference in the way that you look. There is no possible way that you won’t be happy with the end result of a fitness boot camp. Unlike the military boot camp, there is no yelling, punishment or discrimination for not completing exercises on time and correctly.